I Don’t Like Publicizing My Life that why I don’t attendi Burials- Juliana Kanyomozi

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has addressed the social media claims that she’s so absent on social gatherings concerning the public including her fans such as burials. The songstress said that she’s always present only that she doesn’t prefer living in the camera.

According to the Nabikoowa singer, people tend to think that because she’s not in the news, she’s not available, which is false.

This issue was raised at the late Kato Lubwama’s burial. Social media users started questioning why she never shows up. However, the singer was there. Juliana however denied being the owner of a Twitter account that said that she had even given Shs 2m as condolences. She said that she indeed gave condolences but she’s not the type to discuss such matters publicly.

Furthermore, she added that people need to learn to let people live their lives the way they want. This is because there are people who derive pleasure from doing things in front of the camera. And there are those who are camera shy and she’s one of them.

Unlike other public figures who do every charity in the camera, Juliana said that she can’t even take a picture when she goes to a hospital. Besides, in cases of death, all the bereaved want is being comforted and not being sprayed with the camera.

The singer also talked about the current crop of musicians. She said that this generation cares much more about ‘vibe and it’s okay. However, during their era, it was all about vocals, one had to be able to sing in order to make it.


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