“If you don’t pay for child support, don’t ask for a DNA 🧬 test” Nalongo Don Zella

Ugandan US-based socialite Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella has revealed that not all men are supposed to ask for patternity tests of their children. She said only those that pay child support are the ones that deserve to know if children they pay for are theirs.

Don Zella is a mother of three beautiful children. The older ones from her late ex husband James Junteen and the younger one with singer Big Eye. She also apparently had gotten pregnant with Big Eye’s twins but unfortunately lost them.

This socialite has been having issues with baby daddy Big Eye. This has gone to the extent of changing their son’s name to that of the late husband.

All the complaints have been about the singer failing to look after the child financially. She decided to take him to a man that can take good care of him.

As the DNA testing has been the talk of the town, Don Zella also decided to hit at him and other men that don’t look after their children.

She said these men should allow women to take children to richer men in order to secure the future because that’s what matters most.

“If you don’t pay for child support, don’t ask for a DNA 🧬 test. Only men who pay child support deserve a DNA 🧬. SIMUBUBI omwana mugaba wa mugagga securing there future,” Don Zella posted


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