BANANGE KIKI EKIGUDDE KU MAYANJA FAMILY? Muganda wa Chameleone Humphrey Mayanja naye ali kundili mu USA

Moments after news came out singer Jose Chameleone underwent surgery in the United States, his brother Humprey Mayanja has also confirmed being bedridden in the same country.

Jose Chameleone and his elder brother Humphrey underwent surgeries in the US this week Both brothers underwent emergency surgery for stomach-related complications this week.

Humphrey, an elder brother of Chameleone, took to social media on Tuesday night to announce that he was rushed to the emergency room, shortly after arriving in the US from Uganda. During the flight layover in Amsterdam, he says he “kept falling asleep and waking up to intermittent fevers.”

On landing in Boston, he says, he went home to get some rest, but when he woke up, he found that his stomach was “ inflating itself every 5 minutes.”

“This was so painful that I could not walk or eat anything. My Best friend decided to drive me to the ER, I got diagnosed and a decision was made that I be retained for further analysis,” he said.

His treatment, he says, involved inserting a nasogastric tube inside his stomach to get rid of the infections inside, but the doctors ended up carrying out a full surgery.

Yesterday, it was reported that Humphrey’s brother Chameleone (real names Joseph Mayanja) also underwent surgery in the state of Minnesota, after he was found to have a problem with his gallbladder which caused bile to leak into his gut.

Their father Gerald Mayanja confirmed that Chameleone had been sick and that his condition deteriorated when he arrived in the US in June.

Ugandan artists have also confirmed that the Leone Island boss is unwell. Gravity Omutujju said yesterday, Tuesday that he had contacted the ‘Valu Valu’  singer in the US, and learned that he was in worrying condition. He said he personally apologized to the artist for their past squabbles and also called on other artists and fans to pray for his quick recovery.


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