Masolo Queen Bad Black Vows to Expose Strange Disease Secretly Eating Up Leila Kayondo’s Fresh

Self-proclaimed president of *** sellers in Uganda Bad Black real name Namuyimbwa Shanita has threatened to expose Leila Kayondo’s hidden sickness.

This came after Leila Kayondo recorded a video trashing Alien Skin’s music saying she doesn’t understand it because it is meaningless. Bad Black is a big supporter of Alien Skin and she doesn’t like seeing anyone talk bad about him.

She believes he is one of the best musicians in Uganda at the moment and as a socialite, Bad Black jumps on whatever is trending at the moment.

According to Bad Black, Leila Kayondo is her good friend but that doesn’t mean she can’t expose her when she talks bad about Alien Skin.

She posted requesting Leila Kayondo not to say much about Alien Skin and the ghetto because once she starts on her, even her hidden sickness will come out.

“Leila Kayondo your my good friend Naye wesoyiwe ghetto gyakusabula ne kilwadde kizukuke,” Bad Black posted.


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