“I have made many songs I regret but ‘Mr Kataala’ isn’t one of them” says Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine has revealed that there is a whole catalog of songs he made that he’s not very proud of today. Looking back, he said, he was “young, angry and quite unruly;” and that some of the music he produced was regrettable.

I was an errant artist remember,” said the singer and opposition politician in a recent interview. “I was saying it as it is, including words and statements that everyone else was afraid to say. Some of those songs, I am not proud of today.”

But there is one song he doesn’t feel sorry about, and that is the diss track ‘Mr Kataala’ which came out at the height of his vicious beef with fellow artist Bebe Cool.

Asked by Stella Nandawula in BBS’ Mubuwuufu program this week, whether he regretted the vitriol and profanity-laced song, Bobi Wine responded, “…no, that one I don’t.”

“Mr Kataala” is arguably one of Wine’s crudest songs. It opens with the F-bomb in its first seven seconds.

In the hit, he attacks his then arch-nemesis Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena Kirema who had just gotten back together after a bitter split. The Ghetto President in the song, questions the intelligence of the couple, which had appeared in the video ‘Kasepiki,’ taunting haters about their reunion.

Despite their music careers being on the wane recently and with one veering into politics, the two-decade beef between the two big artists has not seemed to die down completely. Recently it broke to the surface again as the two fought in public about academic credentials, and more lately about the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

But in the interview with BBS, Bobi Wine emphasized how he is a much more mature person now.

At some stage in his career, he said, he read a bible scripture that alerted him to the dangers of musical immaturity.

It reads in Ecclesiastes 11:9; “Young people, enjoy your youth. Be happy while you are still young. Do what you want to do, and follow your heart’s desire. But remember that God is going to judge you for whatever you do.

Wine says the scripture got him to think long and hard about how his own children would think of him when they listened to some of his unsavory songs.


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