KITALO!! Tik Toker/ facebooker Arthur Kayima akakasiza nti ye awomelwa bisiyaga

Social media users have been left in shock after a video of a famous TikToker/ Facebook Arthur Kayima surfaced showing her in LGBTQ content. Arthur Kayima in videos and Photos can be seen with fellow men exchanging kisses and pecks. This is as they also hold an object with an LGBTQ word written on it.

Arthur Kayima goes ahead to tag an organization known as OPAL-WeExist which seemingly is responsible for African gays in the UK. This has come as a shocker to many who have been a friend to the socialite.

A number of TikTokers and facebookers are however not convinced that Arthur Kayima is gay. They all think that he’s probably looking for a UK visa.

A number of young people both in Uganda and Africa are currently using this plot to escape their respective countries. These allege about how they are persecuted for their sexual orientation in their respective countries.


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