I want to return to Bobi Wine’s camp, I am the presidential advisor but I only see Museveni on TV, – Butchaman

Singer Mark Bugembe alias Butchaman has said that ever since he was appointed a presidential advisor on issues of the Ghetto, he has never seen or advised the President, citing frustration that he only gets to see his boss on TV.

Butchaman says that he is frustrated that the man he should be advising is nowhere to be seen and he only gets a chance to advise him on social media.

“The only time I see him ( the President) on on the TV, I (think) that is where I advise him from and maybe Facebook,” he said.

Butcherman says he was duped because he can not be a presidential advisor who has never met or advised his boss.

“I was duped, I can not advise him but there is a cabinet meeting all the time, he can not meet advisors. I can not meet him,” Butchaman said.

He said he has never been to Nakasero State Lodge or Entebbe State House, which is strange of a presidential advisor.

While he confirms that he receives a monthly salary, the abakyala temumatira hit maker insists that the pay is too low and it was only credited to his accounts after he protested to the President’s brother Gen Salim Saleh.

The singer regrets dumping his old job as a Vice President to “President” Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine in their Fire Base Crew, and says he would jump at an opportunity to rejoin him.

“I miss him (Bobi), and if he calls me to join him now, I will dash. He ( Bobi) should know that I am on his side come 2026. NRM is frustrating,” he said.

Butchaman claims he did not join the NRM and did not meet President Museveni willingly, he says they found him “high” and asked him to follow them. “I was duped, I do not even have money,” he concluded.


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