“Starting Big Talent Was My Idea but that selfish Eddy Kenzo keeps denying” – Big Eye Star Boss

Struggling singer Big Eye original name Mayanja Ibrahim has insisted that starting Big Talent was his idea. Big Talent is a record label belonging to the Grammy nominee and president of musicians under Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Eddy Kenzo.

The two Eddy Kenzo and Big Eye used to be best friends years ago. Their relationship ended last year when Kenzo apparently refused to share international contacts.

When he was nominated for the Grammy Awards, most Ugandans were happy not knowing that some people like Big Eye were praying for him not to win.

Unfortunately, when he lost, Big Eye celebrated the loss. That is when he openly said his friendship with Kenzo had gone South.

Since then, Big Eye has been talking ill about Eddy Kenzo referring to him as self-centered. At some point, he even called him a lady. Eddy Kenzo has never responded to his words and claims.

Recently the “I am already booked” singer revealed that he is the person that helped Eddy Kenzo start his record label known as Big Talent.

When Eddy Kenzo was asked he denied it. He said no one helped him start the record label; it was his idea, which is why it is still moving forward. However, the star boss has insisted that starting Big Talent was his idea despite Kenzo denying it.

“I don’t know why that selfish man keeps denying that starting Big Talent was my idea. But I am sure he knows the truth and to my fans, I have to say it was my idea,” he said.


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