Man Divorces Wife During Honeymoon After Seeing Her Face First Time Without Make-up

A woman from Mpumalanga, South Africa, was divorced by her husband on their honeymoon, just a few days after their wedding when every couple should enjoy their special day.

A psychologist who counseled the unidentified woman said the bridegroom dumped her after seeing her without makeup for the first time.

The doctor said the 40-year-old groom divorced his 35-year-old bride because he strongly believed she did not look as pretty as before the wedding and accused her of deceiving him by using so many cosmetics, including fake eyelashes, to marry him.

The woman asked Dr. Molapo, a consultant psychologist, to help her recover from her divorce. The groom took his bride to Richard’s Bay for their honeymoon, where they swam, and her makeup washed off.

After removing his makeup, the groom barely recognized his wife. The bride had cosmetic surgery and wore false eyelashes.


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