Dala Muwala wa Desire Luzenda beyagaala ne mutabani wa Chameleon Abba? Amazima gaagano

Songstress Desires Luzinda has spoken about Jose Chameleon’s first son Abba Marcus dating her daughter Mitchelle Kaddu.

This came after the two were posted on social media locking lips as they are in the United States of America (USA) where they are staying.

It is not common here in Uganda to find children of celebrities dating each other. They sometimes become close friends big they don’t specifically date each other.

But for Jose Chameleon and Desire Luzinda’s daughter, they are too close to the extent were people have started saying they might be seeing each other.

Recently Desire Luzinda and her daughter arrived in Uganda for a Concert. When she was asked about it she said it is not true.

According to Desire Luzinda, it is very stupid for people to think Jose Chameleon’s son might be dating Mitchelle.

“My daughter and Jose Chameleon’s son are not dating. It is very stupid of Ugandans to think they are even dating,” Desire Luzinda said


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