“OBA BEPIICHA KABEPIICHE” Desire Luzinda’s shocking confession about her daughter and Chameleone’s son

Singer Desire Luzinda and her 19-year-old daughter, Michelle Heather Kaddu, are back in Uganda for a special occasion.

The mother-daughter duo flew in from the US on Wednesday, August 2, to attend the ninth-anniversary celebration of Phaneroo Ministries, a Christian organization that Desire is affiliated with.

However, their visit also sparked curiosity among the media, who wanted to know more about Michelle’s personal life.

During a press conference, some journalists asked Desire if her daughter was dating Abba Marcus, the son of fellow singer Jose Chameleone.

The question seemed to catch Desire off guard, as she hesitated to answer at first. She then composed herself and said that Abba and Michelle were not dating, but rather just friends.

She added that they were still young and that people should not assume that every friendship between a boy and a girl was romantic.

Desire stressed that she respected both Abba and Michelle’s privacy and that she would not comment on their relationship beyond friendship. She also said that she was proud of her daughter for being focused on her education and career. Desire and Michelle’s visit comes amid persistent rumors that the two teenagers are in a relationship.

The rumors started in September 2022, when a photo of them cuddling on Snapchat went viral. Since then, fans have been speculating about their status, but neither Abba nor Michelle has confirmed or denied the rumors.



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