PHOTO: Here is Suzan Makula’s son Pastor Bugingo adopted

House of Prayer ministries pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s second wife Suzan Makula has posted photos of her only child a son.

She got married to that child and on reaching their Pastor Bugingo had to take on the fatherly duties which ended him getting up for adoption.

Bugingo has his only children with his first wife Teddy Naluswa. The older ones have finished school but the younger one is still in primary school.

The mother revealed that ever since she separated from pastor Bugingo, he has never seen the child and he is always asking about him.

Instead of seeing the child, Bugingo is busy adopting other children who even have their biological fathers.

Naluswa said she is still married to Pastor Bugingo and she is not going to divorce him and give him a chance to marry another woman.


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