Meet Ugandan Woman who got pregnant without meeting with a man

The old good stories of the Bible tell us that Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was the only woman to have conceived without having intercourse with a man.

Though such claims have no scientific backing, the story has stood the test of time. For centuries, no such story has ever emerged.

However, in recent times a woman in Uganda is claiming to be the Mary of modern times. She has testified having been delivered of a baby without knowing a man.

Namubiru Suzan is her name. She lives in Luwero, Uganda. She says she gave birth to a child at the age of 16 “without sexually knowing a man.”

Family in Shock: This story did not go down well in the community as efforts were made to ascertain the veracity of her claims.

Her story was narrated and captured by a renowned Youtube channel, Afrimax TV. In the report, she recounts a story of how she discovered herself pregnant in her virginity, confirmed by medics

“After examining me at the hospital, they found out that I was pregnant yet I never slept with a man,” she said revealing that doctors, herself, and parents were shocked. Unbelievable miracles in the bible transcended into reality with Suzan’s story in her community.

“People refer to her as Mary, mother of Jesus in the Bible,” a local said in an interview. A narrative revealed by Suzan still gives unanswered questions in her community.

“I live here Luwero, At the age of 16, I found myself pregnant. My parents asked me about it and I quickly denied and when we went to the hospital, doctors confirmed that I was pregnant. The question now was, who impregnated me?” Suzan’s situation has been described as extraordinary with no one with concrete proof.

“She was a teenager. One day she slept and woke up having conceived. Everyone including herself, parents, and friends could not believe it,” MMI gathered

Search for confirmation: The confused parents of Suzan could not come to terms with the news that their daughter got pregnant without meeting a man.

“They took her to various hospitals for a thorough examination. Medical examinations confirmed that she had indeed never engaged in any sexual activity,” sources explained.

MMI gathered that “her father was mad at her and wanted to know who did this to her daughter. And all she said was that she was a virgin Mary which never made sense”

Answers demanded by the public have yielded no fruits as Suzan herself is confused about what to tell the child if he asks about her father tomorrow.

“The kid hasn’t asked me about his father but when he does I Will tell him the truth that I conceived without a husband, ” Suzan said.

Source of pregnancy ‘revealed‘: No science has been able to conclude Namubiru’s case. After medical and traditional follow-ups, nothing changed. A cultural aspect is making a point about the pregnancy.

“They found out that everyone in the community takes a bath near a river where they fetch water,” Afrimax reported. It is reported that “Some men masturbate in the water while taking a bath from the same river” When Namubiru took her bath in the same water she got pregnant unknowingly,” Afrimax TV reported.

Despite the shocking incident, the family decided to live with it after knowing the ‘truth’. “My parents and I were shocked but we had to admit what happened and moved on,” Namubiru said.

Ridiculed by the community: Namubiru’s situation made her and her family a subject of ridicule in society.

“Neighbours were quick to judge with some making many negative comments as to how I got pregnant at that young age. Some blamed my parents for poor parenting. But since my parents knew the situation, they were close to me throughout giving me advice until I delivered” Namubiru told Afrimax TV.

The miraculous child now attends a primary school in Mbale under the tutelage of his grandmother. Suzan who is now 28 years old is married and remains open to knowing who the father of her child is.


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