KITALO!! abantu 8 bafiridde mu kabenje e Mbarara kuluguudo lwe Isingiro

A fatal accident involving two vehicles, motor vehicles registration number UBG 812K and motor vehicle registration number UBL 945Y (Fuso Fighter), occurred on 08-09-2023 at 07:10 pm at Mile 17 along the Mbarara-Isingiro Road in Isingiro District.
It is alleged that motor vehicle registration number UBL 945U (Fuso Fighter), which was carrying scrap and people, lost control while speeding on a slope at Mile 17 along the Isingiro-Mbarara Road, traveling from Isingiro to Mbarara, lost control and failed to break.
It crossed into the opposite lane of the oncoming vehicle, colliding with motor vehicle registration number UBG 812K, owned by the Global Bus company, which was traveling from Mbarara to Isingiro. This collision resulted in the immediate death of 8 individuals traveling on the Fuso Fighter, while one person on the bus sustained minor injuries.
The victim has been taken to a nearby clinic in Isingiro for first aid. The bodies of the deceased have been taken to Mbarara Referral Hospital for postmortem.
Both vehicles involved in the accident are currently being towed to Isingiro Police Station for inspection.
The primary cause of this accident has been identified as reckless driving by the driver of motor vehicle UBL 945Y (Fuso Fighter).


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