Bobi Wine Rejected my Tactic To Overthrow Museveni – Ronald Mayinja Reveals

Singer Ronald Mayinja has revealed how he had hatched a great plan to oust President Museveni from power but Bobi Wine didn’t buy it reason they fell out.

According to the veteran singer, he met with Bobi Wine at the Sheraton Hotel. This was years before he even contemplated running for the presidency.

He however had the plan in mind and Mayinja asked him why he thought he could overpower Museveni.

The Kyadondo East MP by then gave the Golden Band singer about 10 points. These, however, did not move Mayinja. He told Bobi Wine that these reasons would make him rich and more popular within and outside of Uganda.

The Tuli Kubunkenke singer then proposed for Bobi Wine to first get the lord mayor position of Erias Lukwago. They would have used this as the base to traverse the country and outside.

Apparently, they were going to negotiate with Lukwago. And whether he agreed or not, they would still come for it and they were confident they would win. Bobi Wine however rejected the idea as he wanted to run for the President’s office as early as 2021.

According to Mayinja, this was a premature idea and would lead to the deaths of many of their supporters.

The self-styled ghetto gladiator didn’t listen and proceeded to create NUP and run for the top office. But if they had gotten the lord mayoral office, campaigns and mobilization would have been easier.

In 2026, Bobi Wine would come as a surprising act for the State House job. This would catch Museveni off guard and he would be left with no choice other than surrendering or fleeing.

Mayinja further believes that Bobi Wine won the 2021 election and will even win the 2026 one. However, the only problem is transferring the win into the reality of swearing into office.

It should be noted that Mayinja shockingly crossed from NUP to the NRM prior to the 2021 general elections. As of now he’s currently outside the country but doesn’t seem to know which political party he belongs to.



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