“If you don’t have mone then quit music and look for something else” Azawi attacks Bebe Cool

Swangz Avenue singer Priscilla Zawedde aka Azawi is not happy with claims of fellow singer, Bebe Cool not having money. She’s even advised him to quit the industry if he doesn’t have it.

Azawi started off by saying that the deputy speaker of Parliament, Hon Thomas Tayebwa should instead invest in the industry to help young musicians who are struggling rather than investing in a battle between Bebe Cool and Chameleone.

Bebe Cool in a social media post said that he doesn’t have money and wants the government to invest in him so that he can help other upcoming musicians. Azawi however disagreed with this.

The Quinamino singer said tha both Chameleone and Bebe Cool have built mansions and driven the moat plush cars in the country. If the Gagamel boss claims not to have money, he should quit it and go look for it somewhere else.

Furthermore, she pointed out how her boss Julius Kyazze at Swangz Avenue wasn’t a musician nor did he have lots of money while starting the label. It was rather love and passion.


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