Have you watched Dr. Cephco and Hezo’s video?

There is a trending video of famous tiktoker Dr. Cephco and his girlfriend on social media. Dr. Cephco and Hezo started dating after Cephco separated with his two girlfriends Jowie and Nankanka Yvonne.

The video is of Cephco and Hezo is one of the many that have been released by Cephco himself with the other girlfriends ge has been having. Cephco is a tiktoker who is loved by girls despite the unqualified content he puts out abusing celebrities.

Most of these girls usually leave him after knowing who exactly exactly he is. But the videos he recorded himself with the girls stay out their for people to watch.

It should be noted that Cephco himself describes his relationships as short lived which is the truth.


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