Eddy Kenzo Has Fake Music | DJ Jacob Omutuuze Takes on Eddy Kenzo, Sparks Social Media Battle

In a recent musical showdown that’s got fans buzzing, DJ Jacob Omutuuze didn’t mince words when he publicly accused singer Eddy Kenzo of lacking authenticity and deeming his songs unworthy of inclusion on his coveted radio countdown show.

This bold statement from the radio personality set off a firestorm on social media as passionate Kenzo fans lashed out in defense of their beloved artist.

Kenzo’s dedicated following took to various social platforms, unleashing a barrage of criticism against DJ Jacob for his comments. In response, DJ Jacob didn’t back down, labeling the singer’s supporters as “negative” and asserting his right to curate his show’s playlist as he saw fit.

The ongoing feud has now reached a boiling point, with DJ Jacob ominously hinting at the revelation of some of Eddy Kenzo’s “best-kept secrets” should the pop sensation fail to rein in his ardent fans.

What adds a layer of complexity to this feud is the history between the two personalities. Back in June, DJ Jacob revealed that he and Kenzo were no longer friends, raising doubts about Kenzo’s existence, both personally and professionally.

This striking departure from their past camaraderie is particularly surprising, considering that Kenzo once publicly praised DJ Jacob for being one of the media personalities who believed in his talent during his early years and generously provided airplay for his music.

As the clash between these two titans of the music industry continues to escalate, fans eagerly await the next twist in this dramatic and highly publicized feud.


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