I answered a French paper in Luganda’ Mutesasiras recall academic Challenges in Canada

The talented sibling singing duo has returned to Uganda, sharing the challenges they faced while trying to adapt to the Canadian school system, particularly in the realm of languages.

Ezekiel and his sister embarked on their Canadian journey in 2020, with Ezekiel in P.7 and his sister in S.3 back in Uganda. Upon their arrival in Canada, they found themselves placed in Grades 9 and 12, respectively.

One of the primary obstacles they encountered in Canada was the complexity of languages. In Canada, both English and French serve as official languages, a stark contrast to their experiences in Uganda.

Despite their prior education at Kampala Parents School, the siblings grappled with the nuances of the English language in Canada, including the distinctive English accent.

Their journey showcases the challenges faced by students adapting to a new educational environment, including linguistic hurdles.

Despite the initial struggles, the duo’s resilience and determination have allowed them to overcome these challenges and continue their academic journey in a new country.


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