“I have never Apologized to Bobi Wine and I don’t need his second Chance” Ronald Mayinja Reveals

In recent years, Ronald Mayinja was a prominent figure within Bobi Wine’s NUP political party until he made a surprising switch, aligning himself with the ruling party NRM.

This decision led to significant backlash from a portion of his fan base, which is believed to have contributed to his subsequent relocation to London.

During the past week, Alien Skin, who had been at odds with Bobi Wine’s supporters, made a revelation: he had never aligned himself with them.

He went on to stress that he didn’t seek any favors from the NUP leader, instead suggesting that any potential goodwill be directed towards Ronald Mayinja or Big Eye.

In response to Alien’s statement, Ronald Mayinja clarified that he held no regrets for his defection to the NRM. He affirmed that he wasn’t attempting to regain Bobi Wine’s favor or the support of his followers, expressing a complete disinterest in reclaiming any place in their affections.

Mayinja emphasized that his previous apology had been aimed at his supporters who had expressed their dissatisfaction with his political choices and the lack of new music production, rather than an attempt to seek Bobi Wine’s forgiveness.


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