Diamond Platnumz’s Emotional Reunion with Kids in South Africa after Zari’s Recent Wedding to Shakib

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz recently embarked on a heartfelt visit to his two children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan, whom he shares with ex-partner Zari Hassan, at their grand residence in Pretoria, South Africa. However, as his departure drew near, the mood took a poignant turn.

The tender moment was marked by the heartrending cries of the two kids, who clung to their famous father, pleading with him not to leave their side. Despite Diamond’s best efforts to console Nillan, the tears continued to flow, while Zari provided comfort to Tiffah.

In an attempt to reassure his beloved offspring, the doting father of four promised a swift return and the prospect of flying together to Tanzania the following day. Regrettably, his words seemed to fall on deaf ears, and the children’s cries persisted.

Determined to spend the night at their father’s apartment, the youngsters were met with a gentle yet firm response from their parents. An early morning visit to the immigration office was on the horizon, ensuring no deviation from the plan to sort out their passports. Diamond affirmed, “Once you are done, on Thursday, we will go to Tanzania, then Rwanda.”

Notably, during this emotional exchange, Zari’s facial expressions spoke volumes, revealing her complex emotions as she struggled to meet her ex-partner’s gaze.

In the wake of this poignant video, the internet was abuzz with reactions from netizens. Many praised Diamond for his dedication as a father, while others voiced concerns about Tiffah and Nillan feeling isolated amid Zari’s busy schedule and her new relationship with 31-year-old Shakib Lutaaya.

A fortnight ago, Zari and Shakib Lutaaya celebrated their union with a splendid all-white wedding in Pretoria, South Africa, held on October 3. The star-studded ceremony was graced by renowned African celebrities, including Zari’s close friend and millionaire Zodwa Mkandla, several cast members from the “Young, Famous & African” reality TV show, as well as cherished friends and family.


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