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Ugandan songstress Grace Khan has made a touching decision by entrusting her cherished daughter, Grannah, to Suzan Makula, the esteemed wife of renowned Pastor Aloysious Bugingo. This heartwarming gesture, captured in a moving video shared on social media, has ignited discussions regarding her tumultuous relationship with her “reckless” ex, Prince Omar.

Grace Khan, a resilient and talented artist, has encountered her fair share of life’s trials. Recently, she confronted the emotional upheaval of parting ways with her baby’s father and fellow musician, Prince Omar.


As news of the breakup reverberated through the media, Grace Khan candidly bared her emotions, shedding tears during several televised interviews.

The captivating breakup story gripped the nation, with countless individuals sympathizing with Grace as she navigated the emotional aftermath of her relationship. Her sincere outpouring of heartache, shared with the world, garnered the support and compassion of numerous fans.

Nonetheless, it was Grace Khan’s decision to entrust her daughter, Grannah, to Suzan Makula that has left an indelible mark on many hearts.

In a video disseminated across her social media platforms, Grace is captured warmly embracing Suzan Makula and tenderly referring to her as “Grandma.”

This act of entrusting her child to the matriarch of the Bugingo family has piqued curiosity and shone a spotlight on the supportive network surrounding the singer.

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo, renowned for his influential role in the religious community, and his gracious wife Suzan Makula, are widely acknowledged for their benevolence and community engagement.

Their grand residence, situated in the heart of Uganda, stands as a testament to their success and their dedication to assisting others.


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