JIWUNYE!! Alien SKin wanted by police after failing to show up at Deluxe Lounge in Mbarara Gig

Deluxe Lounge, a distinguished entertainment hub nestled in the heart of Mbarara, Western Uganda, is preparing to take legal action against renowned singer Alien Skin for reneging on a scheduled performance.

The potential lawsuit, initially announced by event promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi, stems from a contractual breach committed by Alien Skin, who failed to honor his performance commitments at a highly anticipated event scheduled for October 28, 2023.


The agreement between Deluxe Lounge and Alien Skin was forged with the explicit understanding that the singer would grace the venue with his performance on the specified date. Both parties had meticulously ironed out the terms and conditions, including a substantial performance fee, reflective of Alien’s exceptional popularity and artistic prowess.

However, on the event day, Alien Skin was conspicuously absent from Deluxe Lounge, leaving both the venue and its eager patrons disheartened and disgruntled. This breach of contract not only led to financial losses for Deluxe Lounge but also sullied the establishment’s reputation as a reliable and reputable entertainment destination.

Deluxe Lounge had undertaken elaborate preparations for the event, encompassing advertising, ticket sales, and logistical arrangements. The venue had invested significant time, effort, and resources, all in anticipation of a remarkable turnout of fans eager to witness Alien Skin’s mesmerizing performance.

Given the circumstances described above, Deluxe Lounge is seeking restitution of UGX 250 million from Alien Skin to offset the financial setbacks incurred by the establishment. The compensation is expected to be settled within a 14-day timeframe, and any failure to adhere to this demand will result in legal action being pursued without further notice.


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