Clever J’s Dubai Trip Unveils a Surprise: Meeting His 12 year old unknown daughter

Singer Clever J, whose real name is Gerald Muwonge, recently embarked on a music tour to Dubai, and little did he know that the trip would take an unexpected turn, revealing a pre-teen daughter he never knew existed. This astonishing revelation left the singer, still visibly perplexed, as he recounted the shocking encounter during his visit to the UAE.

The unexpected twist in Clever J’s life unfolded when a woman from his past, with whom he had a previous relationship, appeared out of nowhere during his Dubai tour.


In a televised interview, Clever J shared his amazement as he recalled the woman breaking the surprising news to him. “She said she had my child,” the singer revealed, continuing, “She said she had been looking for me all this time.”

The girl, now in Primary Seven, struck a remarkable resemblance to Clever J’s son Jeremiah, leaving no doubt in his mind that she was indeed his blood. He expressed his astonishment at this unexpected family reunion.

According to Clever J, he fathered the girl around 2010, during his visit to Dubai for a music show, a time when his song “Manzi wa Nani” was a massive hit. However, he never realized that he had “left behind some seeds which sprouted” until this chance encounter.

When asked if he was concerned about this sudden addition to his family, Clever J revealed that he was not particularly worried. He expressed his willingness to embrace and care for his newfound daughter, explaining that he has always been eager to help and support others.

“If I can help someone I’ve met on the road, why would I hesitate to take my own child home and look after them?” he said.

Clever J’s life has seen its share of ups and downs, including a decade-long hiatus in his music career, which brought significant financial strain. Amid these challenges, his wife, Sharon Apolot, left their home in Wakiso, citing the unbearable nature of their marriage. She accused the singer of excessive drinking, drug use, and infidelity with other women. Apolot also alleged that Clever J refused to provide for their two children.

In the recent interview, Clever J revealed that he and his family have since found stability and are now living happily. This unexpected turn of events, along with his newfound daughter, appears to have brought a fresh perspective and positivity into the singer’s life.


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