“Your Fights Should Stop In The Bedroom” Precious Remmie Offers Marriage Advice to Vivian Tendo

Media personality and actress Precious Remmie, also known as Nakiito Rehema, has shared valuable advice with singer Vivian Tendo regarding her marriage.

Remmie advised Tendo not to expose her husband to the public and to keep all their marital issues private, confined to the confines of their bedroom.


Remmie herself has been married for approximately two years to her husband, Raymond Bindeeba, and has had to defend her marriage due to public scrutiny and criticism it has faced. Her husband has often been accused of infidelity and fathering children with other women, which he allegedly neglects.

Vivian Tendo, on the other hand, has enjoyed a relatively smooth and positive public perception of her marriage, from engagement to the wedding ceremony.

Remmie was among the select guests invited to Tendo’s wedding in Mombasa earlier this year, and they have since developed a close friendship.

Given her experience, Remmie felt compelled to provide Tendo with some advice on navigating the complexities of marriage. She emphasized the importance of keeping marital disputes private and not allowing them to spill into the public eye.

“Your conflicts should remain within the bedroom. While some people may find amusement in witnessing your disagreements, you shouldn’t give them that satisfaction,” Remmie advised.


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