You dumped me because I sell sugarcane, I’m now a lawyer – Former sugarcane seller mocks ex-boyfriend

In a heartwarming tale that has taken social media by storm, a former sugarcane seller has become a beacon of inspiration as she proudly taunts her ex-boyfriend while blossoming into a successful lawyer.

A widely circulated video on various social media platforms showcases the remarkable grass-to-grace journey of a woman who funded her education through the humble trade of selling sugarcane, as reported by Ghpage on Instagram.


Nana Akua, the now accomplished lawyer, shares the captivating narrative of her transformation from a common sugarcane street hawker to a thriving legal professional.

The video is cleverly captioned, “The girl he blocked VS the lady that blocked him,” capturing the essence of her triumphant journey.

Netizens across social media platforms have showered praise on the former sugarcane seller, applauding her determination and resilience in achieving her current status without relying on her ex-boyfriend.

The story serves as a powerful testament to the strength of an individual’s will and determination to overcome challenges, inspiring others to pursue their dreams against all odds.


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