MUMPE KUMAGEZI!! Taata wange anzaala yanfunise olubuto nanzaalamu nga nina emyaka 7 – Esther

17-year-old Esther from Rwanda has revealed that she has a child with her biological father, who sexually assaulted her many times and got her pregnant.

She claims that when she was approximately one year old, her mother abandoned her marital home without taking her with her, forcing her to live with her father and stepmother.


Some neighbors who were familiar with the issues surrounding how Esther’s mother left, explained to the teenager subsequently that her father had mistreated her mother, forcing her to flee.

In an interview with Afrimax English, she recounted how her estranged mother, had left a note for her, stating that she would come back to take her away, but she never did. She was informed that after her mother left, her (Esther) father supposedly succeeded in killing her secretly.

Because she had no mother and was young, her father sexually exploited her many times as she was helpless and didn’t know who to talk to. When Esther became pregnant and gave birth to a boy she was advised to leave her father’s house to prevent being killed due to his unusual behaviour.

She managed to report her father’s conduct to law enforcement authorities but before they could take him into custody, he had learned of the scheme and escaped. He took Esther’s ID card with him when he fled, which, for reasons known to him alone, he later used to have her declared dead while he was hiding.

The teenager is without her son because her father gave his current wife (Esther’s stepmother) instructions to take custody of the child. People close to the boy informed Esther that he wasn’t receiving the best care while under her stepmother’s care.

Since she is not permitted to get near her son, Esther is currently overwhelmed with anxiety about her son’s possible death from abuse. Aside from that, she is fighting for survival at the same time and pleading for assistance.


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