“NZE SISOBOLA KUFUMBILWA MUSAJJA ATALI MULOKOLE” Baby Gloria reveals qualities she desires in her would-be husband, and career plans

At the youthful age of 22, Gloria Mulungi Ssenyonjo, popularly known as Baby Gloria, recently shared insights into her aspirations for marriage and the qualities she envisions in her future husband.

The budding musician made these revelations during an interview coinciding with the premiere of the reality show “Kampala Crème,” in which she is a featured participant.


Expressing her eagerness to finalize her Mass Communication degree, Baby Gloria articulated that her next milestone involves finding love and entering the realms of matrimony.

In her quest for a life partner, she disclosed that she is currently considering several suitors and emphasized the importance of choosing the right person.

A significant criterion for Baby Gloria is that her prospective husband must be Born Again, a non-negotiable quality for her. She firmly stated that she could only envision a marital union with a man who shares her faith.

Additionally, she highlighted other essential attributes she seeks in a life partner, including being loving, supportive, caring, and very respectful.

While contemplating the transition from her ‘Baby’ moniker, the gospel singer expressed that she intends to retain the endearing nickname, stating, “I will forever be a baby to my parents and my future husband.”

Addressing her professional endeavors, Baby Gloria revealed that she is diligently working on an upcoming album slated for release later in the year.

Beyond her musical pursuits, she proudly shared her success in securing lucrative ambassadorial deals, emphasizing her financial independence.

“I am pursuing my studies for the sake of obtaining academic credentials, but I have no plans to embark on a job hunt. I am already engaged in commercial projects that provide me with the financial stability I desire,” she confidently asserted.

As Baby Gloria navigates both her personal and professional journeys, her openness about her aspirations and the qualities she values in a partner provides fans and followers with a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted artist.


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