“Zari Talk to your husband” Shakib’s baby mama demands Zari to make him fulfill his fatherly duties

Zari Hassan’s husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, finds himself in the spotlight after being exposed as a negligent father by his baby mama, Tusiime Jalia Cremy, also known as Lia Cremy.

In a social media outburst, Tusiime expressed her frustration, condemning Shakib as the “most heartless man” she has ever encountered. Despite maintaining silence to avoid being accused of seeking attention, Tusiime decided to speak out against the father of her child, emphasizing that she won’t tolerate insults aimed at her son due to his father’s irresponsibility.


Tusiime revealed that she had reached out to Zari on multiple occasions regarding Shakib’s failure to provide for their son. Living in South Africa, like Zari and her husband, Tusiime disclosed that her attempts to address the issue with Zari went unanswered, leading her to expose Shakib publicly.

“I spoke to Zari countless times about this matter, and I have all the recordings to prove it. In 2024, no one will silence me. Stop calling it jealousy; I’m in a beautiful new relationship😂😂.

I was tired of taking care of that bogus boy; I’m no longer interested. Getting pregnant at 22 in a foreign land – no way🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️,” Tusiime declared.

Highlighting Shakib’s alleged lack of support, Tusiime claimed that he relies solely on Zari for financial assistance and called on him to find employment. She emphasized the need for him to take responsibility for their child.

“I can say that Shakib Cham should go and work! Zari herself admitted that she has to ask him for every dime, as per the recordings I have. Let them deny it; I have the receipts, and I won’t be silenced,” Tusiime asserted.

Furthermore, Tusiime urged Zari to intervene and advised her not to turn a blind eye to her husband’s actions. She pledged to continue exposing Shakib on social media until he takes responsibility for his fatherly duties.

“Do better or talk to your husband. You know the truth, and you’re still in that fake marriage because of your reality TV show ‘Young Famous and African.’ I don’t need anyone’s help; I will personally embarrass him until he gains some sense,” Tusiime concluded.


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