Mujjukira Mukyala wa Eddy Kenzo Gwebayita Bella Myra? Kilabika balinayo akaana akalenzi

Grammy-nominated singer Edirisa Musuuza, widely known as Eddy Kenzo, has articulated his steadfast commitment to maintaining the privacy of his family indefinitely.

Citing the harsh realities of public scrutiny, Kenzo emphasized his determination to shield his loved ones from the negative aspects of fame.


In a recent revelation over the weekend, Kenzo disclosed his marital status and the joyful arrival of his third child, a baby boy.

Despite his public persona, Kenzo confessed that he has deliberately kept his wife and family out of the media spotlight, drawing from past experiences in previous relationships.

Kenzo elaborated on his decision, expressing concern for his children’s well-being, particularly in the realm of education. He recounted instances where his older daughters faced challenges at school due to his celebrity status, with constant inquiries from peers disrupting their learning environment.

The singer reiterated his stance on privacy, citing the need to shield his family from negative energies and unwarranted attention. Kenzo asserted his role as a protector, vowing to safeguard his family from any form of disrespect or intrusion.

“I will not be divulging details about my family to the public anytime soon. I have learned the importance of keeping them safe, as their happiness is paramount to me,” remarked Eddy Kenzo, underscoring his unwavering commitment to prioritizing family well-being above all else.


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