Ann Taylor agamba Yakoowa era yetamwa SB4 nobulamu bwe nwona

In an exclusive interview with Ruth Kalibala, Ann Taylor candidly revealed that her romantic relationship with SB4 has transitioned into a co-parenting dynamic.

While she opted not to divulge the specific reasons behind the breakup, she affirmed that it was a decision made in the best interest of herself and her children.


With grace and resolve, Ann Taylor affirmed her commitment to moving forward, expressing no regrets about the conclusion of her relationship with SB4. She emphasized that the timing of their decision was pivotal and aligned with their collective well-being.

The recent arrival of twins in December had initially been viewed as a harbinger of increased love and blessings for the family. However, Ann Taylor’s acknowledgment of the altered relationship dynamic underscores the complexities of personal growth and shifting priorities.

As she embarks on this new chapter of co-parenting, Ann Taylor remains steadfast in her determination to nurture a supportive environment for her children while embracing the possibilities of


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