Zari finally apologizes to Shakib after viral video with Diamond

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz caused a stir among fans when he shared a video featuring his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children, Zari Hassan, vibing to his new song ‘Mapozi’.

The video, showcasing Diamond and Zari walking hand in hand, sparked speculation about their relationship status and triggered a range of reactions from fans.

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To address the situation, Zari spoke exclusively to Millard Ayo on February 25, expressing regret for inadvertently hurting her husband, Shakib, with the video.

She clarified that Diamond had requested her assistance in promoting the song ‘Mapozi’ during the video shoot, and tensions arose afterward, leaving Shakib feeling disrespected and blindsided.

Acknowledging her oversight, Zari apologized for not informing Shakib about the video shoot, explaining the circumstances surrounding it and the involvement of the entire family, including Zuchu.

Zari further revealed that issues with Shakib predated the incident, dating back to November-December, leading to the removal of Shakib’s pictures from her social media. Despite clarifying the situation and apologizing to Shakib, Zari emphasized that their relationship challenges had existed prior to the video incident.

Regarding her current relationship status with Shakib and his recent video with his ex, Zari clarified that they had decided to take some space, emphasizing that the video in question was old. She denied any correlation between the video incident and Zuchu’s frequent departures, asserting that Zuchu’s movements were unrelated to her.

Despite past challenges, Zari highlighted her amicable relationship with Diamond, referring to him as “Baba T,” and expressed mutual respect, emphasizing their effective co-parenting dynamic.


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