Eddy Kenzo Confirms Minister Phiona Nyamutooro Is His Wife and they a preparing for official marriage

The curtains seem to have been drawn on the secrecy surrounding the relationship between newly appointed Minister of State for Energy, Hon Phiona Nyamutooro, and Eddy Kenzo. The singer himself has confirmed their status as a couple, referring to her as his wife among close friends.

During a casual gathering with friends, including those he plays football with, Kenzo proudly shared the story of receiving a personalized jersey as a gift from his friends. He explained that it was a gesture of respect for his wife’s recent appointment as a Minister.


Even during performances, Kenzo doesn’t shy away from expressing his affection for his new partner. His lyrics resonate with praises for her, highlighting her qualities as the best and a skilled cook.

The duo’s frequent public appearances together, often captured by cameras, leave little room for doubt regarding the nature of their relationship.

While the details of their initial encounter remain a mystery, it’s evident that Nyamutooro has long admired Kenzo, evident from her attendance at his past concerts, as photos now surface.

Their closeness became more apparent last year when Kenzo’s Federation actively engaged in lobbying for copyright law reform, with Nyamutooro presenting the proposed legislation in Parliament.

After a series of rumored relationships and romantic disappointments, it appears Kenzo has finally found lasting love in Nyamutooro. Their bond, now openly acknowledged, signals a new chapter in both their personal and public lives.


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