My Husband Pulled Out My Hair to Destroy My Beauty and Left Me Bankrupt; I Regret… – Lady Cries Out for Advice

Cate bravely shares her harrowing ordeal of enduring abuse at the hands of her husband. She recounts the painful episodes, including being physically assaulted to the point of losing her hair, leaving her with a bald patch on her head, and being stripped of her multimillion-dollar business, leaving her with nothing.

Initially meeting her husband, whom she considered the love of her life, in Nairobi where she worked, Cate’s marriage started off on a promising note.


However, following the birth of their first child, her husband’s infidelity and abusive behavior surfaced, with extramarital affairs becoming a distressing norm, even with women in their neighborhood.

Despite confronting him about his actions, Cate faced physical violence as a response. Determined to regain control of her life, Cate ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a successful company in the tourism sector. However, her husband and his sisters infiltrated the business, embezzling funds and manipulating decisions for their gain.

As Cate’s business flourished, her husband’s jealousy escalated, further fueling his abusive conduct and openly engaging in affairs.

Threats of violence against her and their daughter became commonplace, with Cate’s movements monitored and controlled, making seeking help from authorities futile.

Despite her attempts to seek legal recourse, Cate encountered further intimidation and corruption, with her husband employing tactics to thwart her efforts, including physical assault in public settings.

Despite enduring physical pain and trauma, Cate persisted, seeking assistance from law enforcement and legal avenues, only to be met with indifference and bribery.

Finally obtaining divorce papers, Cate continues to face threats and intimidation orchestrated by her husband, regretting the signs she ignored early in their relationship.

Cate’s story is a testament to her resilience and bravery in the face of domestic violence, highlighting the urgent need for greater awareness, support, and action to combat such pervasive abuse.


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