My Boyfriend Killed His Ex-girlfriend In My House When I Was Away, But

A Lady  has painfully narrated how her boyfriend killed his ex-girlfriend in her house and dumped her body at the door of the deceased’s aunt. Despite committing this evil act, he still walks freely because the family didn’t follow up on who killed her.

She started a relationship with the guy after her first relationship failed, where the man abandoned her with her firstborn child. She stated that their relationship was okay, but they used to live in different houses.

One day, She had to travel to do outside catering, and she had to spend three days there. Her boyfriend requested her to give him her key to spend the three days there. She didn’t suspect him of doing anything bad there; she handed him the keys.

The following day, She received a call from one of her friends to confirm if she was the one who was murdered. According to her, when she tried to ask her friend what was happening, her boyfriend was calling her.

Upon answering his call, he asked her to switch off her phone. When she asked him what was going on, he told her he would explain it to her after going back home. She did what her boyfriend instructed her to do. When she went back to Nairobi, her boyfriend was waiting for her.

He took her to his house, and since she was tired, she slept until 7 pm. When she woke up, she told her boyfriend to take her to her house, but he was hesitant.

When she insisted, the boyfriend wore a hat that covered his face and went. Upon opening the door, there were blood stains in the sitting area.

She asked him what had happened, and he said that the lady had borrowed him drinking water, but when she left, she was found dead outside her aunt’s house. According to Her, she doubted him, but he managed to convince her to run away with him.

They relocated to another estate. Due to blind love, she never set foot in her house again. After three months, she conceived, and her boyfriend started bringing women into the house.

She narrated an incident when he brought in a woman and took her to their bed and started doing the act in her presence.

Upon asking him, they both started beating her up. She ran away, but they followed her, beat her up, and left her to die. She reported the case, and the man was arrested, but he was later released because the deceased’s family didn’t follow up on who had killed their kin. She has advised women to be careful about who they are dating.


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