“In Nina Roz, I found a cherished companion and a successful relationship” Daddy Andre Opens Up About his relationship with Nina Roz

Ojambo Andrew, known by his stage name Daddy Andre, has shed light on his decision to pay a visit to Nina Roz’s parents shortly after they began their relationship.

Andre expressed his profound admiration for women and recognized their indispensable role as the foundation of homes. Hence, when the opportunity arose to meet Nina Roz’s parents, he embraced it with open arms.


Their love blossomed over the course of several months, culminating in a traditional marriage ceremony that took many by surprise, given the couple’s efforts to keep their relationship low-key.

However, despite their endeavors to maintain privacy, speculations arose following rumors of their separation not long after their public introduction.

Confirming the speculations, the pair did indeed part ways, though the reasons for their split remained undisclosed.

Reflecting on his affection for Nina Roz, Andre confessed to cherishing their time together deeply and considering their relationship a success.

“In Nina Roz, I found a cherished companion and a successful relationship,” Andre remarked.


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