“Even Rihanna Has Been Heartbroken But She’s Now A Billionaire, So Don’t Feel Ashamed!” Smart Wire Mr. Henry Consoles Ex. Ms. Bindeeba Remmie.

Radio personality Henry Arinaitwe, popularly known as Mr. Henrie, consoled Precious Remmie, citing examples of globally acclaimed celebrities who have been through bad romantic relationships but continue to live great lives.

Mr. Henrie, who is also still nursing wounds from a recent heartbreak, was filmed while having a conversation with Remmie and singer Kapa Cat.

Mr. Henrie, Bindeeba and Precious Remmie

Remmie: “… Even when things are really hard you want to sit down and solve them…”

Henry: “What I learnt… you see even those of Rihanna broke up with their partners and they are still billionaires… Do you know how many relationships Rihanna has been in? [Rihanna’s past boyfriends include Chris Brown, Drake, Karim Benzema, billionaire Hassan Jameel, Travis Scott, etc., and she now has a baby with ASAP Rocky.] So, it’s not the end of life.”

Remmie: “It’s not the end of life.”

Cat: “Enjoy the moment.”

Remmie: “People need to know that when you… people don’t know what we’ve been through…”

Henrie: “You see, our showbiz has mostly been about musicians, but it’s not entered into relationships… things like that… showbiz is now focusing on relationships, too.”

Cat: “Who said we don’t fight?”

Henrie: “We fight.”

Cat: “Me if I start a relationship rumour, you’ll be shocked… you guys [make relationships appear so nice], you’ll land us into problems… because you make everything seem flawless.”

Remmie: “Why do you land into trouble?”

Cat: “We will steal your men.”

Remmie: “No one is forcing anyone to fall in love.”

While there are rumours that Remmie, who also goes by Ray P, broke up with her fiance Raymond Bindeeba, none has come out to deny or confirm the development. Remmie’s comments on the matter have been ambiguous.


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