“I Won’t Apologize To UMA For Smoking Weed Live On Stage, Because Weed Is Part Of Me And I Can Smoke It Anywhere I Want!” Unapologetic Buchaman Brags.

We kickstarted the week with singer Buchaman trending after he appeared to smoke weed in public while performing at Ziza Bafana’s “Dancehall Carnival” on Sunday.

His act raised the eyebrows of some parliamentarians and police who promised to come up with a conclusive report about the incident since it went against the Cigarette Act.

Not only did Parliamentarians comment on Buchaman’s act, but UMA also condemned it through a letter that was issued by Geoffrey Ekongot blaming him.

As we the official police report, the singer says he is not sorry for what he and his crew members did.

He publicly told whoever cared to listen that he will not be apologizing to UMA because what he did is legal.

The “Abakyala Temumatira” singer went ahead to maintain that instead of UMA blaming him, they should rather focus on helping other artists struggling with drugs to live better.

He explained that he has been puffing weed since the age of 14 and he is not bothered by anyone who rebukes him.

“I always smoke ganja anywhere I want. At the moment, What UMA should focus on is young artists who do drugs like cocaine, because so many artists are perishing as a result of drug abuse. Ganja is a holy herb because during Covid so many people have been using it.

In fact, UMA needs me more than I need them in terms of directing them on what is right and wrong when it comes to using drugs. I started smoking weed at the age of 14 and till now I do but have never been into rehab and am very sober-minded.

What I know is that what I am doing is right. UMA, I won’t say that I will come and apologize because there is nothing am apologizing for and there is totally nothing. The whole world knows I smoke ganja.” Buchaman.


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