South-African Based Ugandan Tycoon Medi Moore Beaten Up By His Angry Debtor Moses Kibombo Over Failure To Pay Back His Money.

South Africa -based Ugandan socialite Medi Moore faced it rough when he went to collect the money he lent to one of his friends he disclosed as Moses Kibombo Salongo.

In a clip shared online, Medi Moore narrated he was allegedly turned into a punching bag by Mr. Kibombo when he tried to ask him to pay back the money he lent him.

Medi Moore’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Mr. Kibombo lost his cool and rained a flurry of punches in his face before the police intercepted the fight.

He was left with burst lips and swollen face as he lamented how Mr. Kibombo is a thief and conman who does not pay back for items he takes on credit.

By the time he shared the video, Mr. Kibombo had been arrested and bundled into a Police patrol as he was being taken to the station to settle their grievances.

Going by Medi Moore’s masculine body and physicality, it is hard to believe that he was thumped to the extent that his lips burst up since he looks to be a giant and untouchable.

The video has since left many wondering why a man of his mass would be crying yet he would have settled out that for himself.

The positive update about the pair’s fallout is that they reconciled and are now working hand-in-hand for future plans.


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