I Love My Son More Than Anything and I started a chapati business for the mother | Online in-laws Munzijeeko akajanja

Musician Bruno K has for the first time declared his love for his child Seith Kiggundu following a public scandal with his baby mama who accused him of child neglect.

“Online in-laws nobody loves Seth more than I do. I have done for him what any father could do for his son and I can’t explain to any of you judging me and making noise,” he wrote.

On Friday, DNA results were released to confirm that the child is indeed his, He added that those who criticize him know nothing about his life.

“I have paid medical bills, visited him countless times, sent his mother upkeep countless times and not forgetting I named him Kiggundu. I have been judged a lot by people who know nothing about me or my life,” he concluded


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