MC KATS ayogedde engeri gyeyafunamu silimu Bambi 😢😢🥺

Media personalit Katamba Edwin also knows as MC Kats has narrated how he acquired HIV/AID in his life, MC Kats opened about about his HIV status in 2020 and it wasn’t easy for him because he faced a lot of negativity and so many other things about his life.

So many people have been wondering how MC Kats acquired HIV. Being a celebrity fans think these people are special and they can’t be affected by some issues.


During Kabaka birthday run that was aiming at people living with HIV, MC Kats narrated how he got HIV, According to MC Kats, he didn’t know that people from abroad have HIV. He was unlucky that someone who has just arrived in Uganda affected him.

Kats said young people should keep their lives very safe and first do HIV test before everything, He said people are on medicine and they always lie to get what they want.


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