I Have No Reason To Apologize To Vinka – Victor Ruz

Singer and songwriter Victor Ruz is apparently unapologetic to Swangz Avenue singer Vinka after criticizing her new song ‘Bailando’. He said he has no reason to apologize because whatever he said is the truth and he is not going to take it back.

Victor Ruz has been in the music industry for about five years and being young, by the time he joined he rarely spoke about anything.

For the years he has now been in the industry, he tries so much to speak his mind as a mature artist and fears no one.

A day ago he went to his social media platforms and posted about Vinka’s new song. He said the song is very good but it was poorly written by the person who gave it to Vinka.

People wondered if it is Victor Ruz who has written such a statement or if his social media platforms were hacked. The singer however said he wrote that statement and he meant every word.

He said once a song is out, it is for public consumption. Everyone has a right to comment about it with any statements.

The talented singer said someone who wrote the song should revise his or her writing skills. This is because Vinka as an artiste did her best to deliver.

“I have no reason to apologise to anyone for what I said. I didn’t say anything wrong about Vinka’s song. The reality is the song is good and the artiste did her best but the song writer didn’t do a good job,” he said.


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