Hooo!!! Watch Violah Nakitende fall off stage like a basket

Singer Violah Nakitende had one of the worst weekends at her job of performing as she fell off like a basket. She said it didn’t hurt any of her body parts but she was definitely ashamed in the public eye especially to her that were watching her.

In Uganda, artistes falling off stage looks to be a usual thing. Most of the stages are built poorly leaving artistes lives at stake.

Last time it was Gravity Omutujju egi fell off stage and his dancer. They suffered some minor injuries during that moment.

Now it is Violah Nakitende falling off stage which leaves promoters in question wether they value lives of artistes.

According to Violah Nakitende, the reason she fell off stage is because the materials used for building the stage were very slippery.

She couldn’t move hence falling down. Violah Nakitende continued with the perfomance but she said she will now be careful when it comes to stage performing.


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