Lydia Jazmine swears not to disappear in Canada after October tour

Lydia Jazmine, also known as Lydia Nabawanuka, has made a promise to return home after her upcoming shows in Canada, scheduled for October this year.

he talented singer has two shows lined up in Toronto and the capital, Ottawa, on the 7th and 8th of October 2023, respectively. These shows are being organized as part of the Miss Uganda Canada pageant, an event arranged by the NGO, the Big Seal Foundation.

Addressing the press on Saturday, May 20th, 2023, in Kampala, Lydia Jazmine stated that she would not be following in the footsteps of other artists, such as Dre Cali, who arrived in the North American country and decided to stay.

“I cannot speak for Dre Cali, but I have recently obtained my second passport since the first one is now full. I have traveled to various countries including the US, UK, Turkey, and South Africa, among others, and I have never overstayed my visa, not even for a single day. I strictly adhere to the rules, and that’s why I have never been denied a visa,” she affirmed.

Lydia Jazmine emphasized that artists who misuse their visas, regardless of their intentions to seek a better life, are in the wrong. She further added, “As a prominent brand, I could never do that. I am currently based in Uganda, and I am committed to my career here.”

Peter Katumba, the head of the Big Seal Foundation, commented on the Dre Cali situation, stating that it was the artist’s own decision to remain in Canada and not a choice influenced by the foundation.

Cali was invited by Katumba’s foundation to perform at the 2021 Miss Uganda Canada pageant. According to Katumba, after the show, the singer returned to Uganda but then decided to go back to Canada, where he has remained since.

“My responsibility was to ensure his safe travel to and from Canada, and I fulfilled that duty. If he chose to go back, that was his own decision,” clarified Katumba.

Regarding the October pageant, Katumba mentioned that preparations are already underway, and contestant registrations are set to commence. Selection, training, and auditions are scheduled for September, while the crowning of the Queen will take place on October 7th, with Lydia Jazmine headlining the event.

On the following day, October 8th, Katumba revealed their decision to host another concert as part of the Ugandan Independence Day celebrations, where they will officially introduce the Queen to Uganda.


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