CONGRATULATIONS!! Triplets Ghetto Kids Make It To Britains Got Talent 2023 Finals

Ugandan little dance troupe, the Triplets Ghetto Kids, have made it through to the grand finale of the Britain’s Got Talent 2023 competition. This happened after a wonderful performance at the semifinals.

Originally the Triplets Ghetto Kids won a golden buzzer that sent them through to the semi-finals without competing.

They used the time well to practice for the semi-finals. And when it got to time for their performance, they didn’t disappoint. Everything they did was stunning.

The group is led by Dauda Kavuma and are mostly orphans without parents. The only special thing about them is their talent. This is what made Kavuma to pick and nurture them and at the same time provide for them.

Under normal circumstances, these kids dance for money especially through stage concerts by musicians in Uganda. They even feature in music videos and that’s how they make a living.

The talented kids have also been on bigger platforms, however, the biggest so far is the Britains Got Talent. With the support from Ugandans, they have waved the flad very high and made the country proud.

It should be noted that when they got the golden buzzer at their first performance, some Ugandans said they were just favored because they are blacks.

Their performance at the semi-finals has proved that these kids are actually talented and ready to move places with their dance.




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