Mudra and Ava Peace show the real meaning of OKUSHABADA

Musicians Mudra Viral and Ava Peace have been enjoying themselves riding on their massive banger Oshabada.

This was released a couple of months ago and has been doing quite well topping different charts. However, nobody really knows the meaning of Oshabada and the musicians themselves haven’t provided any explanation.

However, it seems that Oshabada is better done than said. And the two musicians really showed it off at yesterday’s comedy store.

Stepping on stage Ava and Mudra really put up an exceptional performance. Revelers couldn’t get over the energetic performance of Ava Peace.

She really shook her body like she doesn’t have any bones inside of her. Definitely, she’s now one of the sexiest female singers.

Social media users however noticed one thing and that is how she tries to imitate Sheebah in her stage performance. Rumors have been making rounds about how Mudra and Ava Peace in a relationship but they denied this.


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