“Nze sisobola Kwepiicha Kapa Cat” Gravity Omutujju speaks about asking Kapa Cat love

Singer Gravity Omutujju has spoken about asking fellow singer Kapa Cat love when they were doing the song together. This came after the two got into a verbal social media fight.

Kapa Cat and Gravity Omutujju did a song in 2021 and both of them promoted it. They were happy collaborating not until last month. When Gravity Omutujju went in the media and praised Martha Mukisa over Kapa Cat saying she is more talented, Kapa Cat took it personally.

She gushed out saying Gravity Omutujju would ask Martha Mukisa a collaboration instead of her because she is more talented. People didn’t k known that it is even Gravity Omutujju who had asked for collaboration from Kapa Cat, she just spilled the secrets there and then.

Gravity also took it personally and ended up abusing Kapa Cat calling her the female private parts. It all happened very first, people who were friends and once worked with each other were enemies in a minute.

According to Gravity, he has never asked Kapa Cat love because he is a married man and faithful to his wife. He said even if he was to ask out on a lady, it would be someone else probably not Kapa Cat because she is not that attractive.

I have never asked out Kapa Cat for anything concerning love. I worked with her and she is not that attracting for me to run on her. I am a married man I don’t go asking out ladies. What I spoke about her career is the truth and I can’t take it back. Martha Mukisa is more talented than her and she knows that very well,” Gravity Omutujju said


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