Buganda Kingdom Books a Five Million Table For Pallaso’s Love Fest Concert | KINO KILEKAWA ALLIEN SKIN NABAWAGIZI BE?

With just one week remaining to his over anticipated for ‘Love Fest’ music concert slated to take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval, singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has today received five (5) million shillings from Buganda Kingdom as they booked a Table for the show.

The self proclaimed King of the East, Pallaso was received by Amyuka Katikkiro asooka Twaha Kawasi and youth minister Sekabembe at Bulange Mengo.

Pallaso visited Bulange Mengo where he met a few dignitaries from the Buganda Kingdom and also issued an apology to Alien Skin following Monday’s fight.

The forthcoming concert dubbed ‘Love Fest’ scheduled for 9th June is to take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval.


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