Kapa Cat once invited me to her room and showed me her private pictures- Gravity

In a trailer of his upcoming interview with Mr. Henrie on Galaxy T.V., Omutujju claimed that Cat once tried to use her nude pictures to lure him into getting intimate with her.

The rapper claims he refused because Kapa Cat is old. “Kapa Cat once showed me her private pictures on her phone and she told me, ‘come to the room’,” said Gravity Omutujju. “What should I go and do in the room with that old woman?”

Omutujju, real name Gereson Wabuyi, recently claimed that Kapa Cat is Bobi Wine’s agemate.

Bobi Wine is 41 years old while publicly available information indicates that Cat, real name Catherine Tumusiime, was born in 1995.

“She is our elder… She may be in the same age bracket as the Bobi Wines… Respect that woman… there are some things she did. I will tell you in the future… I keep a lot of secrets, waiting for the right moment to spill,” said Gravity Omutujju.

Kapa Cat also recently claimed that she rejected Gravity Omutujju’s sexual advances. She also said she demands the rapper Shs8 million for performing at his shows in 2022.

Gravity started taking aim at Cat after she recently despised Martha Mukisa days before her concert which didn’t do well.

Gravity Omutujju and Kapa Cat collaborated on a song called Centre.

Cat said Mukisa’s music catalog and status in the industry didn’t deserve the kind of concert that was organised for her.

Gravity, on the other hand, believes Martha Mukisa is doing better than Kapa Cat musically, so she shouldn’t be criticising him.


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