Here is how Pretty Nicole disappeared from school

Famous TikToker Pretty Nicole reportedly disappeared from the school where he had been taken for the last two terms. Her guardian has revealed how she actually disappeared from school without her knowledge.

Pretty Nicole is one of the teenagers that was beaten up by her fellows for stealing a boyfriend. When a video of her beating was shared on social media, Ugandans called out the police to take action.

Police helped and arrested one of the ladies that beat her up. And Pretty Nicole was given an opportunity to attend school again because she had previously dropped out.

Now for two terms, it is like Pretty Nicole couldn’t take the education in again. She decided to escape and no one knows her whereabouts.

Her guardian has said Pretty Nicole disappeared after her mother visited her at school. Her belongings were left behind but she is not seen anywhere personally. It is not clear if it is her mother that plotted her escaping or if she actually decided to escape.

Here is the video;


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